Up & Down Technology

For Maximum performance in your Kitchen

up and down technologyUp & Down Technology: For Maximum Performance in your Kitchen

Faber's Up & Down technology is designed to increase the hoods efficiency by gently lowering it towards the hob and raising it back up toward the celling when not in use. This leaves you with free space above your hob and discreet, yet powerful extraction above.. The technology is operated by a remote control to offer maximum practicality in the kitchen.

The Up & Down Technology is designed to provide alternative ways to illuminate your cooker depending on needs, habits and lifestyle.

up and down cooker hood technology

Hoods With Up & Down Technology

Faber Pioneers New Frontiers in Technology

Discover the Technology that make Faber Hoods more effective.

Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing condensation from the kitchen.



Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency.

Energy Saving