Faber Motors

Excellence in Extraction

Faber Motors: the latest, design-led motors ensure a clean and pleasant living space.

Excellent extraction is more important than ever and Fabers motors are at the heart of their hood designs.

The Faber Energy Motor reduces noise up to 3dB(A) and increase hood efficiency by 30% even in the presence of a long stretch of ducting. So even the fastest extractor hoods stay quieter across all power levels.

The Brushless Motor guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficiency. They consume 85% less than conventional electric motors at low-medium speeds (in kW/h), and 35% less at high speeds. They are also the most silent-running motors on the market today and guarantee stable performance under all operating conditions. The motor also makes the extraction more precise in speed and are more durable than a traditional brush motor.

The Faber Evo Motor yields excellent results in terms of energy efficiency, reduced power consumption and noise level thanks to it’s fluid dynamics.

Faber motors

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Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing condensation from the kitchen.



Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency.

Energy Saving