Accessories Accessories are extra items that can be added to your hood such as charcoal filters for recircualtion, remote blower kits and chimney kits.
Air Capacity Indicates the volume of air extracted in an hour. It is measured in cubic meters per hour (m³h).
Anti-Touch Anti-Touch fingerprint proof stainless steel.
Baffle Filter A metallic grease filter patented by Faber that offers professional effectiveness (it captures more than 90% of the grease particles). It is washable by hand or in the dishwasher.
Body The main part of the hood that contains the extraction unit and conveys the air. The controls are located on the main body of the hood.
Brushless The brushless motor guarantees considerable energy saving, coupled with high extraction efficiency. It is the most silent motor on the market and its performance remains stable in any usage condition.
Ceiling Mounted Hoods that are installed within the ceiling cavity.
Charcoal FiltersThese anti-odour filters are fitted only on recycling hoods. They are made of active carbon which traps odours from cooking. Most standard charcoal filters lose their effectiveness after three months of normal functioning and must be replaced.
Chimney The chimney is fitted to the main body of the hood to cover the extraction unit and/or part of the ducting system. There are different sizes depending on the height of the ceiling where the hood is to be installed. Many recirculating hoods can be fitted without the chimney.
Comfort Light Reduces the hood light intensity with the simple press of a button. Thanks to it's low level of energy consumption, the hood light can be left on for long periods of time.
Comfort Panel A sound-proofing cushion that when used together on hoods with perimeter extraction reduces the perceived noise by 25%.
Delayed Swith Off The delayed switch off function allows the motor to automatically switch off 30 minutes after cooking has finished to complete elimination of residual odours.
Double Extraction Double extraction is possible through the overlapping of two glass pieces on vertical wall hoods, ensuring greater hood effectiveness.
Downdraft A type of hood that is installed into the kitchen worktops either behind or alongside the hob. This type of hood is either raised or lowered out of the counter or is set into the worktop (Counter level downdraft.)
Ducting The pipes that convey air outside the building. The diameter of the ducting system affects the effectiveness of your hood : Faber recommend using 150mm round ducting wherever possible. Solid ducting is the best type for optimum extraction.
Easy Cube A motor design system that allows an easy and accurate mounting of the hood.
Easy Dismounting A system that allows a quick removal of the extraction unit for easy maintenance.
Electronic ControlsThe control interface that allows you to use all the electronic functions of your hood in a simple and immediate way, or even automatically. The hoods equipped with electronics have additional functions that improve the ease of use of the hood.
ENERGY Diffuser The ENERGY motor reduces noise output by up to 3dB (A) and increases hood efficiency by 30% even in the presence of long ducting.
EVO Diffuser An evolved version of the ENERGY motor, the EVO motor has an optimised geometry that yields excellent results in terms of energy efficiency, reduced power levels and reduced noise levels thanks to in-depth fluid dynamics studies.
Extraction HoodThe functioning mode of the hood that extracts cooking fumes and steam out of the kitchen by means of a ducting system. It is the recommended functioning mode.
Extraction Unit Installed within the hood, it is composed of a motor and impeller. It allows the intake of air to the hood.
Finish Indicates the materials and/or colours that characterise the aesthetics of your hood.
Flat Air-Duct System Special flat ducting pipes that can be easily hidden from view. 220x90 air outlet.
F-Light The collection of Faber hoods that have the ability to be raised or lowered during use using "up&down" technology.
Flush Fitting The hood is installed flush into the surrounding cabinetry.
Grease Filter The metal filter that protects the motor from the grease contained in the fumes and steam captured by the hood. All hoods are equipped with a grease filter. It is necessary to regular clean the grease filter to ensure continual hood effectiveness.
High Filtering Suitable for HFH High Filtering kit which improves odour elimination (up to 95%).
Hood & Hob Connection The hood is linked to the hob due to controls integrated into Faber hobs.
Input The value in watts (W) of the hood's energy absorption while in operation. The value varies depending on the speed selected and the turning on/off of the lights.
Installation The position of the hood over the hob: 1. Wall Mounted 2. Ceiling 3. Island 4. Downdraft 5. Built-In.
Intensive Speed The maximum air capacity of the hood motor. The intensive mode is used for 10 minutes before switching back to a lower setting. This is especially useful when frying or cooking particularly odorous foods.
Key 24Electronic mode of operation of the hood. This function allows the hood to be switched on for 24 hours a day for continuous air renewal with an imperceptible noise level.
Lighting Hoods are equipped with lights to illuminate the cooking surface below. This can be categorised into LED, Halogen, Perimeter LED, LED Strips or Micro LEDS.
Mechanical Controls A control interface that allows you to turn on, adjust and turn off the hood manually. You can also turn on the light to illuminate the hob. This is often in the form of a slider control.
Nautilus The new Faber motor design enables a dramatic leap in energy class: from class C to class A*. It also provides high extraction performance with low power consumption due to it's optimised geometry and the fluid dynamic analysis of the motor impeller.
Noise Level Expressed in dB (A), the noise generated by the hood during operation. The noise is mostly generated by the flow of air that is created inside the hood during extraction.
Perimeter Extraction A technology that uses the Venturi effect to increase the speed of the extracted air by reducing the inlet slots. Faber have developed the perimeter extraction by adding sound-proofing panels to reduce noise dramatically. The perimeter extraction technology enables innovative aesthetics and easy cleaning.
Pressure The ability to send the extracted air out through the ducting. The pressure is measured in Pa (Pascal. 1 Pa = 1 N / m²). The higher the ducting, the more tolerant the hood is to longer ducting pipes. Pressure is not measured on recirculating only hoods.
Recirculating Hood The functioning mode of the hood that filters fumes and steam from the air by means of charcoal filters and returns it to the kitchen. External ducting is not necessary for recirculating hoods.
Remote Blower Kit The optional remote blower kit allows the hood motor to be be removed and installed elsewhere within the home, thus freeing it from any architectural constraints and reducing the noise output within the kitchen.
Remote Control Accessory that allows the remote control of the hood.
Saturated Filter Indicator Electronic Light that indicates when to replace / clean filters.
Sensor The hood is automatically activated when needed by an innovative sensor, allowing you you to get the most out of your extractor.
Silent Kit A kit consisting of two sound-proofing cushions which reduce the perceived noise by 25%. This is only available on a select number of hoods.
Sil-K ACT Reduces the hood sound out-put by 13dBs using noise cancelling technology.
Slim Depth The motor has a significantly reduced height which means that the hood only needs a 195mm high space in the ceiling space to be installed.
Speed The numbered settings of the motor in operation. The highest sequence number indicates a greater extraction capacity.
Squarcle A new type of controls in an attractive rounded square design.
Steam Off System With the exclusive Faber “Steam-Off System”, the hood not only sucks in air but also emits air jets that create a vortex motion and acceleration which helps to convey the steam into the hood. This puts an end to condensation forming around the hood, effectively protecting the surround kitchen furniture.
Up&Down F-Light hoods have an Up&Down motion. Operated by a remote control, the hood gently lowers onto the hob increasing it's efficiency.