Remote Blower Kit FABULA

Remote Blower Kit FABULA

Product Code : 112.0327.008

The Faber Remote Blower Kit Fabula accessory allows the existing hood motor on the Fabula downdraft to be removed from the hood body and installed elsewhere within the home. This is particularly useful for those with space restrictions beneath the kitchen worktops or for those looking to remover the cooker hood noise output form the kitchen area.

The Remote Blower Kit Fabula consists of connecting plates for the motor, and side ducting connector and up to 8 metres of electrical cables to connect the hood and the remote blower. Ducting will need to be installed between the hood and the remote blower kit as well as from the remote blower kit to the external air outlet.

The Remote Blower Kit Fabula is only suitable for use with the Faber Fabula.