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Faber Kitchen Extractors: Unrivalled when it comes to power.

Double Extraction Faber's Double Extraction technology is ultimately double the extraction power derived from overlapping of two glasses in vertical hoods, ensuring the most efficient and effective extraction rate. This is ultimately derived from 2 extraction points, one in between the glass in the vertical hood and the other is at the base of the hood near the lighting.

Perimeter Aspiration IconPerimeter Extraction Technology reduces the perceived sound by 25%. This extraction equipment guarantees optimised effectiveness exploiting the principles of the Venturi effect: air accelerates as it passes through the constricted extraction space of the panel and then decreases immediately inside the hood and is then easily expelled without the need for any particular pressure.

The perimeter extraction technology also increases the extraction area over the hob allowing you to have a wider hob than hood.

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Steam Off System

Steam Off System

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