Nautilus – A New Motor Design For Cooker Hoods

19th April 2017

Faber Talika Copper Wall Hood Lifestyle Room Shot

The Nautilus is the latest technological advancement from Faber. Representing a breakthrough in extraction motor design, the Nautilus motor is in a new class of extraction power and allows for a truly vertical wall hood.

Through extensive research, the innovative Nautilus motor design has effectively condensed the width and depth of the cooker hood motor. This ground- breaking extractor technology will revolutionise the cooker hood market and open the gates to exciting new extraction designs.

In the world of cooker hoods, this represents the same triumphant turning point similar to the transition from bulky CRT TV to ultra-Flat LCD TV.

Inspired by nature, the Nautilus takes its shape from that of the Nautilus snail, and features a unique logarithmic spiralling design. An extensive study of fluid dynamics has resulted in the optimised geometry of the motor impeller, which hinders the flow of air as little as possible. This unique spiral design allows the motor to be compact in size, which in turn paves the way for slim line extractor designs such as the new Talìka and Swift cooker hoods from Faber.



Launched at Eurocucina 2016, Talìka features Faber’s patented Nautilus motor design which allows the hood to be extremely compact in depth. The Talìka is truly vertical in that the motor design removes the need for a traditional angled wall hood design.

The Talìka is available in 3 innovative finishes including a copper finish. The Talìka merges different textures and finishes within one unit, contrasting old metal or industrial concrete outer finishes with a white base panel.


Finish: Old Copper, Cross Titanium, Dark Grey Concrete
Size: Width 80 cm
Controls: Squarcle Touch
Lighting: LED Lights
Anti-grease filters: Dishwasher safe
Energy Class: A

Extraction capacity IEC point: 3 speeds + intensive.
Maximum extraction: 445 m3/h, intensive extraction 530 m3/h,
Noise level: maximum speed: 70 db (A) and intensive speed: 72 db (A)