Steam Off System

Effectively Eliminating Condensation from the Kitchen

Steam Off SystemSteam Off System: The smart way to eliminate condensation.

The Steam Off System is designed to deliver a controlled vortex of air that carry fumes and steam upward to the extraction area of the hood. This process prevents steam from collecting and significantly reduces the formation of condensation on both the surface of the hood and the wall unit doors.

The result? No more condensation or grease build up under and inside the cooker hood.

Steam Off System

A Faber Exclusive: Comfort without Condensation

Induction hobs create a large temperature differential between the hot cooking surface and the colder air under the range hood. In the past, this has led to problems of condensation build up. Steam would condense all around the kitchen, even on the doors and bases of the kitchen units.
Steam Off System solves this problem once and for all.

Hoods With Steam Off System Technology

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Discover the Technology that make Faber Hoods more effective.

Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing condensation from the kitchen.



Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency.

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