The new ultra slim motor design from Faber

Nautilus IconThe Nautilus motor: small in size, big in effect. Nautilus means lower consumption and higher efficiency.

Our observations of nature have influenced the design of our Nautilus motor. Thanks to its advanced fluid dynamics and optimised shape, the Nautilus motor ensures an unobstructed air flow through the hood. This new motor shape is ultra slim at only 15cm thick an allows for a truly vertical wall mounted hood.

The Nautilus motor is yet another milestone in the history of hood design from Faber.


The quest for excellence in energy efficiency

Faber’s exclusive and innovative Nautilus motor is miles ahead of the competition and merits an ‘A’ classification on its energy label, instead of the usual ‘C’.
As well as superb extraction performance, the Nautilus is frugal when it comes to energy consumption thanks to Faber’s optimised design and advanced fluid dynamics.

Hoods With Nautilus Technology

Faber Pioneers New Frontiers in Technology

Discover the Technology that make Faber Hoods more effective.

Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing condensation from the kitchen.



Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency.

Energy Saving

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